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New Panoptigon Disc Player

New Panoptigon Disc Player

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The PANOPTIGON's modern transport and audio electronics provide improved playback of several 1970-era optical disc formats, but that is only the beginning! Using a MIDI controller and direct physical touch, dramatic speed changes, modulation, transposition, reversing, and scratching, combined with modern effects, expand the possibilities of loop-based sampling, while CompuDrive provides accurate pitch control when required.

Each optical disc contains up to 60 sound tracks. The original Optigan and Orchestron program discs came in many popular styles, some with rhythm tracks and special effects, and our proprietary mastering system allows us to release unissued discs from master tapes preserved by Optigan guru Pea Hicks. In addition, we have created many new discs, which go further in exploring and exploiting the cyclical nature of the playback loop, resulting in loop libraries with endlessly entertaining combinations.

Important Note:

For a limited time, each purchase of a Panoptigon includes the following starter disc pack:

1) Oscillations 2) Singing Rhythm 3) Vocal Choir


Title Specification
Maximum Polyphony: 60 Voices (Tracks)
Current Draw: 650 mA , 24V
Dimensions (W x D x H): 17.6" (447 mm) x 16.75" (425 mm) x 5.25 (133 mm) without cover
17.6" (447 mm) x 16.75" (425 mm) x 5.50 (140 mm) with cover
Weight: 13.4 lbs. (6.08 kg) without cover
15.1 lbs. (6.85 kg) with cover
Accessories: Dust cover, PS24 Power Supply, AC Cord, Disc Starter Pack, Owner's Manual
Connectors: MIDI (IN, THRU)
Headphones (3.5mm)
Audio Output x 2 (1/4" phone): LEFT-MONO SUM, RIGHT-TRS STEREO
Output Impedance: 1 kOhm
24 VDC Power (5.5mm barrel, 2.5mm pin, tip positive)
SYNC IN (3.5mm), SYNC OUT (3.5mm)
Power Supply PS-24 (24 VDC, 3A)
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