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Fe HEARTH Hemp Oil

Fe HEARTH Hemp Oil

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Mental Clarity & Focus

A sustainably produced and handcrafted hemp oil formulated to help you root intentions, align vibrations, and focus your innermost light.

Allow a blend of adaptogenic herbs to support you in overcoming the layered weight of the world on a daily basis. Walk through illusions of barrier and distraction to states of mental alertness, flexibility and ease. Break free of survival mode as you flow through a more aqueous state of presence.

Divine, still, centered. Resolved, grounded, resonant. Our innate ability to be all of these things lives deep in the fabric of our bodies. And because our bodies experience the layered weight of the world on a daily basis, it’s important to support our systems in complementary and collaborative ways. With Fe HEARTH, a heart-forward hemp oil blend with a will like a sunbeam, you can harness the full potential of your own flow-state, let the periphery fall away, and focus.

A sustainable, handcrafted, organic hemp oil formulated to help you root intentions, align vibrations, and focus your innermost light.

Botanical Composition: CO2 Extracted Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Algal Oil, Lion’s Mane, Schisandra Berry, Rhodiola

Flower Essences:

  • Filaree — avoid obsession with details, losing the larger view.

  • Madia — attention to detail, focus on a single aspect, overcoming tendency to become distracted.

  • Rabbitbrush — ability to handle many different details or activities at one time; mental flexibility, and alertness.

  • Ingredients: *MCT coconut oil, algal oil, CO2 extracted hemp oil, *lion’s mane extract, *schisandra berry extract, *rhodiola extract, *flower essences, *brandy, water. Made with *organic ingredients. KEY NUTRIENTS: Vitamin C, Vitamin E

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