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Krake Raken Anchor

Krake Raken Anchor

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Krake Raken Anchor


comes in red , blue , black or silver 



Does your Krake Raken ever swim it's way out of your pockets and onto the floor? Well fear no more with the Krake Raken Anchor!

The Anchor is designed to latch your Krake Raken in the closed position while functioning as a pocket clip. This significantly reduces your chance of cutting your hand while reaching into your pockets and ensures that your Krake Raken won't fall out during high mobility maneuvers. 

The Krake Raken Anchor is made with 6061-T6511 aircraft-grade aluminum. 

To use the Anchor, simply squeeze your Krake Raken handles together and slip it right in or out.

Only usable on Krake Raken V2 and V2.5 with a minimum closed position handle gap of 0.205"

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